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This latest version of the SDLS website contains some major modifications. SVG interactive graphics are still used but there is no longer any need to use the Adobe plugin - the graphics are now handled by the Batik SVG Toolkit which runs in Java on the local computer. This also removes the restriction of the type of browser that is used; any regular browser is now acceptable. Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari have all been tested.

The seismic data available to the scientific community from the website has also been updated to include almost all of the data over 8 years old that have been distributed to the library branches on DVD/CD-ROM. The loading of the remaining data will be completed shortly.

What is the SDLS?
The Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS) works under the auspices of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Antarctic Treaty (ATCM XVI-12) to provide open access to all multichannel seismic-reflection data collected south of 60° S to study the structure of the earth's crust of Antarctica. This page provides links to answers for many common questions about the SDLS, and how the library system can be used by all researchers...more
Where are library branches?
To find SDLS library locations and contact information...more
What data are in the SDLS?
Multichannel Seismic-Reflection data from many areas around Antarctica have been collected...more
How can I access the SDLS data?
SDLS data may be accessed at library branches worldwide and through this web site...more
Who must contribute data to the SDLS?
All organizations that collect Antarctic multichannel seismic reflection data must submit their data to the SDLS...more

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