Guidelines For Access To Multichannel Seismic-reflection Data
The following guidelines apply to multichannel seismic-reflection (MCS) data in the SDLS.
MCS data may be accessed at library branches worldwide.
To access data, users should contact the senior Antarctic researcher at the desired library branch to schedule a visit.
Guidelines listed below for the SDLS are summarized from SCAR Report No 9.
MCS data are supplied to all SDLS branches in digital format on CD-ROMS. The data can be viewed on a computer screen at all branches. Some branches also have paper copies of MCS profiles.
MCS data may be viewed and studied at SDLS branches, but may not be copied without permission of the data collector. Requests for copies go to the data collector and not the SDLS branch.
MCS data in the SDLS are for use in cooperative research projects, and may not be used for commercial purposes.
Researchers must contact the data collector for permission to use the data in the SDLS for cooperative studies; permission must be granted unless the data collector is actively working on the proposed research.
Once data are released from the SDLS (8 years after data collection), there are no restrictions on the use of the data.
The SDLS is a research facility and not a data bank; hence, all requests for data copies must go the data collector or the World Data Centers, as appropriate.

To use this web site
  • To enter this web site you need to register first. Projects are protected by user privileges, therefore you can access only data you are allowed to. A "Guest" user is provided that can access a limited set of data for demonstrative purposes.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a password at the e-mail account you entered in the registration form.
  • Using username and password you can enter the web site and search for data geographically or using textual forms.
  • If your user privileges allow you to, you can view interactively the seismic data and download them. Otherwise, if some data are not accessible to your user, you will still be able to see a static image of the seismic data. If you find that data are of interest you can contact the data owner that can open interactive viewing and downloading facilities to your user.
  • For more information contact the SDLS Coordinators (Jon Childs or Nigel Wardell) or the site manager Paolo Diviacco

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