General Description
The SDLS was created in April 1991 to function under the auspices of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, and to provide open access to Antarctic multichannel seismic-reflection data (MCS) for use in cooperative research projects.
The SDLS is under the mandates of the Antarctic Treaty System, and as such, all institutions that collect MCS data in Antarctica must submit their MCS data to the SDLS.
The SDLS has library branches worldwide at which researchers may view and study MCS data.
MCS data are submitted to the SDLS within 4 years of collection and remain in the library under SDLS guidelines until 8 years after collection. Thereafter, the data go to World Data Centers or equivalents for unrestricted use.
The formal guidelines that govern the SDLS are outlined in general in Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting Resolution XVI-12, and in particular in SCAR Report No 9.

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