Data Contributions To The SDLS
Under guidelines of the Antarctic Treaty, in general, and Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) Resolution XVI - 12, in particular, all organizations that collect Antarctic multichannel seismic reflection (MCS) data must submit their MCS data to the SDLS. The following guidelines are summarized from the complete list given in SCAR Report No 9, which is cited by ATCM XVI-12:
All Antarctic MCS data collected on a given cruise must be submitted to the SDLS within 4 years of the date that the cruise ended.
The MCS data must be processed to at least the point of ‘final stack section’, and must be submitted to the coordinator of the SDLS in digital SEG-Y format.
Other ancillary cruise information including shot point navigation, MCS recording and processing parameters, cruise report, and cruise-specific science references also should be sent in paper and digital formats.
Funds to pay for the production of the DVD/CD-ROM(s), on which the MCS cruise data will be distributed to the SDLS library branches, should be submitted directly to the SDLS coordinator responsible for the production of the DVD/CD-ROM(s).
For U.S. investigators, navigation and general cruise information should be sent to the coordinator of the SDLS within 90 days after the principal investigator returns to the U.S. from the cruise.

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